Welcome to our Kulture! At our basic definition we are a Smoke ShopXDesign StudioXOpportunity. Although this concept may seem new to some, we are committed to bringing the things we love to life in the most meaningful way possible. Kloud9 was designed around the idea of freedom. Freedom to be who we are and share it with those we love. While providing financial opportunity for our family we wanted to also duplicate a way that others could join our Kulture and find ways to improve their quality of life. That could mean using our products to bring joy into the life of yours or others or even becoming a brand influencer and making extra income. Or maybe you just earn free products with us. The limits are endless. Fill up your cup with Kloud9. While we have many more goodies to add in the future we currently are specializing in our Premium Custom Tumblers and Polar Blast Kits.

How does this work?
We are glad you asked.

We create one of a kind Premium custom tumblers custom made and designed for you. We pour positive intentions and well-being into each piece of art. You can personalize these tumblers in a variety of ways. First, you’ll choose your favorite design or have us custom create your own masterpiece. From there, you will select your tumbler size. We offer a variety of sizes and look to add more in the near future. If you choose personalization our designers may reach out to you with any questions or clarification.

What is a Polar Blast Kit?
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A Polar Blast Kit is a 20oz Modern Curve Tumbler and normal cup lid with a Polar Blast lid assembly included. The best value we offer. Utilizing Polar Blasts Patent Pending Cold Smoke Technology enjoy a custom water piece for your favorite ground material. Designed and made just for you. Each unit fully breaks down for easy and convenient storage on the go. Choose your nozzle color, and more. Coming soon you will be able to upgrade to a banger instead of a bowl as well as choose your bowl. Stay tuned as we evolve and change!